Assimilation with Artificial Intelligence Through Neural Implants

Yesterday it was widely reported that Elon Musk (Founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) is starting another company and about to change our personal lives more than any of the innovations we have experienced with his electric vehicles or rockets that can return and be reused.

Neuralink Corp. will be Elon Musk’s company devoted to developing “neural lace” technology.  According to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal,  Neuralink is developing a “direct cortical interface”, or a layer of artificial intelligence inside the brain that could enable humans to reach higher levels of function.

Before we consider applications for this technology that make science fiction seem reality, many experts see positive potential for helping humanity plagued by brain disorders and mental health problems caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.  Simple versions of this technology and the use of electrodes are already used to treat Parkinson’s disease today.

As with all innovation and technology, neural implants and manipulation of our brains will have great potential for positive and negative consequences.  What pace of progress is acceptable while maintaining healthy and humane conditions for testing and operation?

Elon Musk and Neuralink Corp. are far from alone in this venture to redefine our mental health and cognitive abilities.

According to Wall Street Journal: