Hello, my name is Chad Brown, I am a private practice career counselor located in Maitland and serving clients all across Central Florida.

I understand the unique struggles students face in discovering a clear professional path for the future.

These are complicated problems that require collaboration among all of “the helpers” in a diverse group of public, private, and nonprofit settings.

I am now approaching local high schools, proposing the idea of collaboration through supporting and sponsoring the unique needs of each school and students.

Together, we can work together as a community, truly supporting students and providing them a positive path they can be excited to follow after high school.

CBCareers (School Sponsorship).jpg

I am always looking for ways to support the local community and reach the parents of students in the most effective way possible.

One example of sponsorship, could be donating custom branded water bottles for events such as athletics or parent-teacher open houses.

In addition to sponsoring through item donation, I am also very interested in supporting your school through the purchase of outdoor advertising space to hang an outdoor banner (size and content can be developed and agreed upon together).


In addition to donating and sponsoring your school, I am also interested in providing my time and resources related to the present and future needs of your current students.

I am only asking that I be allowed to provide my information for consideration (complimentary consultations for all my clients).


Invited Expert on Resume Writing – “Resumes for High School Graduates”
Youth Leaders Program – Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
Winter Park, FL (June 2017)

National Career Counseling Presentation (60 Minutes)
“Community Collaboration During the Best & Worst of Times:
The Experiences of a Career Counselor Before & After Pulse”

American Counseling Association – Illuminate LGBT Symposium
Washington, D.C. (June 2017)

Guest on Career Counseling – “Career Counseling with Chad Brown”
Freudian Quips Radio Show on WPRK at Rollins College
Winter Park, FL (April 2017)

Invited Entrepreneur - Mock Investor “Shark Tank” Type Panel
Young Entrepreneurs Academy at the Orlando Science Center
Orlando, FL (March 2017)

Business Mentor – Volunteering Professional
Young Entrepreneurs Academy at the Orlando Science Center
Orlando, FL (January & February 2017)

Statewide Conference Presentation
“Comprehensive Career Exploration
for Millennials” (
90 Minutes)
Florida Counseling Association (FCA)
Orlando, FL (October 2016)


“My experience revealed traits where I could benefit from working on these to help make me a better person, not just at work but in life.”
(High School Student)

“I would recommend working with Chad Brown at any age, but especially before spending years and thousands of dollars to end up with a degree that you may not be best suited for.”
(High School Student)

“I came with no clear vision or direction. Since I have been seeing Chad weekly, I have more confidence about my career path and I’m excited about my future!”
(College Student)

“Chad was always honest and really understood who I was and what jobs would be best with my skill set.”
(College Student)

Please Contact Me Anytime
Regarding Opportunities to Support
and Sponsor Your School!