CBCredit (Refunds).png

Chad Brown offers all clients a free initial face-to-face consultation appointment to personally review all services offered (including sample assessment reports and portfolios), and is always available to answer any questions prior to your purchase.

Chad Brown sincerely thanks you for choosing to spend your time and money with Chad Brown Counseling and Consulting, LLC

As a small business that actively invests in developing opportunities to better serve clients with the highest quality and most innovative products and services possible, Chad Brown Counseling & Consulting, LLC does not offer refunds after purchases are made.

However, all clients of Chad Brown Counseling and Consulting, LLC are provided a no hassle, no questions asked, “CBC Credit” for 100% of their original purchase price.

For example, if you purchase one CBC Counseling Program, you can apply the amount you paid to any other Counseling Program, or even Chad Brown’s Consulting services (eligible within 90 days from the original date of payment).

Thank you for understanding, your business is always appreciated.